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Returning search results on behalf of another user using SharePoint CSOM

Introduction Hello. Among my travels I have had the opportunity to write a number of SharePoint provider-hosted Add-Ins (Apps) that take advantage of the awesome built-in search capabilities of SharePoint Online. The ability to easily search existing list and document… Continue Reading →

Azure Key Vault and Managed Service Identity – An Introduction

At Planet Technologies, our team has been engaged in several Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and development operational moves over the past several weeks. Because it relates to some of the conversations and activities that have been taking place… Continue Reading →

Cloud Maturity Model

Hello. I started my Docker series back in the fall and have been working on some content for Part Three. I ended up taking a bit of a detour, though, having had the pleasure of participating in a few other… Continue Reading →

Docker – Getting Started in Azure

Hello. In this article, I will begin by introducing several key Docker tools and services and then jump into the deployment of Docker using the Containerization Service in Azure. Docker is an extremely exciting containerization technology and, if you have… Continue Reading →

Docker Containerization in the Azure Cloud (Introduction)

Hello, welcome to the first in a several part series on Docker. I’m expressly interested in this topic for a number of reasons but, if I had to pick the prime reason, it would be this – often in information… Continue Reading →

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