Microsoft just released Public Preview of SharePoint 2019.  This is exciting to see the continued commitment by Microsoft to on-premise technologies.  This latest iteration of SharePoint is exciting of the promised hybrid deployment options where the decision isn’t just cloud or just on-premise, but yet powerful solutions that span private and public clouds.

Go get your preview from here:  Note: get your trial license key from the Install Instructions section.

Here we go, screen shot by screen shot install of SharePoint 2019.

Here are the supporting articles for the install:

After mounting the img file, note the build of 16.0.10711.37301


Select the Splash.htm



Nice! SharePoint 2019 splash screen



Select install software prerequisites



This looks a bit familiar……



Read it, read it all.




After reboot, restart the installation and run the prerequisites again and ensure you get the Installation complete as shown below.



We are now ready to install SharePoint 2019, select install SharePoint Server



Remember, get your trial key from  under the installation section.



Just because it is preview, don’t skimp on all the details, use non-system drive for index files.



Now wait……Install took about 10 minutes on my Azure VM (Ds12v2)



You must reboot before configuration.



After logged back into the server, don’t jump right into the configuration and farm creation.  The AppFabric is missing the required tag from CU3, you can find that information here

Now we got that sorted out, trying to start the SharePoint 2019 Product Configuration Wizard, I got this nice error.  Run as Admin.



That is much better this time.



We are all familiar with this screen.



Choose New farm



Just a simple Single-Server here



My install took about 10-15 minutes, with majority of the time being spent on creation of the configuration database.




After clicking Finish, central admin loads.  This is preview, opt in, help everyone out, can only help make SharePoint 2019 better.



Perfect, central administration….SharePoint 2019



That’s it.  This does look a lot like what we had in 2013 and 2016, but keep checking back for some updates as SharePoint 2019 reaches RTM.




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