I wanted to take just a minute to explain what the setting for the new experience is in OneDrive for Business(ODFB). More importantly I hope this will help you to understand the benefit of this particular Modern UI.

The setting I am referring to is in the SharePoint admin console under Settings:

When this is set as Classic Experience the User Interface is the Classic interface and the user cannot switch between the Modern UI and the Classic. When it is set to New Experience then the user can choose to switch between the two Interfaces. Many clients opt to set the setting for the Classic experience in order not to confuse their users or because they don’t understand the value of the new interface.

Classic Experience in ODFB

In the Classic Experience you can only drag and drop files not folders. If you attempt to drag and drop a folder into ODFB you will get the following love note from Microsoft:

If I switch to the new experience then for the same set of folders I get the following dialog when I click on the uploading text at the top right of the screen:

So when I look at what was just uploaded I see that not only did it create all the folders but it uploaded all the files into each as well. Now you might be asking “Why does this matter? I can upload multiple files in the Classic interface” and while that is true, if you have many folders with perhaps hundreds of files you probably don’t want to recreate all those folders.

So Why should we?

Again, the question comes up “Couldn’t the user do this with the Sync client?” Yes they could and do but often we see that organizations prefer to wait on rolling the sync client out to their end user population since they may also be in the middle of email migration and a host of other projects. If one of your many projects happens to be the Team app then you will want to read my blog on the subject.

Of greater concern is that your users will find it easier to use the web interface and will likely adopt ODFB for storing data much faster than they would with the Classic experience. Getting your users motivated to move data to ODFB should be a top concern as this will help your ODFB project move on to the next phase, and who doesn’t want that?

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