Breaking Data down

I learn something new every day. Yesterday┬áI found out by experimentation that, at least in O365, you can import more than 7 levels of terms into the Term store as I was able to do 10 levels. I will tell you how to do this in a moment but a colleague asked a good question “Why?”. Well that is a good question as the deeper you go with term nesting the less useful it seems to get.

But Why Terms?

We as humans have the need to classify the things around us, breaking down the classifications across data. You can probably think of some examples of data that we break down into smaller chunks because that is the way our minds work. That being said, it does not make it a good idea in SharePoint to do so but clients being what they are, they will want to do this.

The How…

Term store sample

As promised, the way to import the data into the term store is to use the sample csv file and add the headers. You will notice in the image above there are 10 levels of the term store. Just as you have “Term Level 7” you would have “Term Level 8”, etc. What, Is that all? Yes, that is it. But if you have worked with the term store in the past you would not think to do it because 7 levels was it. But then things change every day, especially in Office 365.

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