As you probably know, email enabled document libraries are not supported in SharePoint Online (SPOL). I have at least a couple of clients asking how to do this in SPOL and, until recently, the story was not very pleasant since we essentially had no options. Now, with Flow, we do.

First, we need to set up a Shared Mailbox in Exchange and give an account, your account or a service account, rights to the shared mailbox.

Then, in Flow, create a new blank Flow and search for Shared mailbox. You will then see that there is now an action that checks for new mail in a shared mailbox. You will need to add a connection to the shared mailbox as the account you gave access.

Next you add an apply to each since you will not know how many attachments the email might have. In the Flow below I chose to add a condition to filter out the images for my signature.

I then add a Create file and apply the attachment dynamic data for file name and content.


I think this will be very useful, especially if combined with  the site feature Content Organizer if, say, the subject of the email is parsed for metadata and that is applied to the content as it is created. You could also choose to conditionally determine what library the files should be placed in based on filename or some value in the email within the Flow control. I think the functionality of this method is vastly superior to the old email enabled libraries since there is a great deal more control of the data that is posted to the library.

I hope this helps you with any clients that need a replacement for email enabled libraries.

As an aside, as a Dad I am trying to teach my children the sweet art of SharePoint, so thus the Flow name “Save attachment to Dad’s site”. Please leave a comment if you are trying to teach SharePoint to some part of your family.

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